Catia V5 CNC programmer.

Success Factor 1: Within 3 months, improve on-time delivery and first time quality from 95% to 99%.
•        Within 1 month, fully understand and implement our Digital Product Definition Quality control manual, to achieve zero defects and
100% on-time delivery.
•        Within 2 months, regularly implement quality controls and procedures to ensure less than 2% defects.
•        Within 3 months, identify main causes of programming defects and time-loss and present a plan that will address these issues and a
time frame to eliminate them.
•        Within 3 months, conduct SPC analysis of CAM programming quality and present a plan of action to reduce programming time 30%
based upon this analysis.

Success Factor 2: Within 6 months, reduce programming time by 40%.
•        Within 3 months, reduce programming time by 10%, increasing another 10% each month thereafter.

What we’re looking for:

Donald Trump knows real estate; are you his equivalent in CNC programming, Tool Design, CAD modeling, and Blueprinting?

We are seeking a very special person to:
Be the Catia V5 CNC Programming and Tool Design Expert.

The right person for the job will grasp the issues involved with out sourced (contract) off-site CNC programming and manufacturing
support, be able to communicate complex issues, and be willing to roll up there sleeves to make a measurable impact on the business.

If you…
•        Are an expert CNC programmer first, with great ideas and creativity
•        Understand the aerospace CNC manufacturing business, and how leadership and initiative can make an impact to    help build a
•        Are looking for the excitement of out sourced off-site CNC programming, the action of dealing with new customers, and the fun of a
growing company
•        Are in a great job, but would like to jump-start your career
•        Enjoy your work, but would really like to make a difference with your knowledge of CNC programming
•        Are happy, but with the right opportunity could be happier
•        Want more excitement, challenges, and reward for your efforts
•        Want to be part of a dynamic team

…then you might be the person our company is looking for!  In this position, you will have a rare opportunity to be an active participant and
work closely with the top experts in the CNC programming field, and top companies from around the world.  You must be “promotable”
and be able to take on more responsibility.  
This job is about who you’ll become versus who you’ve been.

Due to company growth, and our customers’ foray into new ventures, you’ll be given the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and
infuse your expertise as it relates to some of the most complex 5-axis aerospace components that the world has ever seen machined.

This job is not about putting in time; it’s about savvy business and machine sense and leadership.  The successful candidate will be career-
driven, goal oriented, passionate about their career, and committed to making a contribution to the team.

True Precision

We hope you will read and consider what we have written here, and contact us if you truly believe yourself to be what we are looking for.
We will be asking key questions to determine your current abilities, as well as your capability to learn and grasp difficult concepts.   In
addition, there will be a short test part, which we will observe you program, verify, and document.  

At True Precision, we have a unique perspective in our approach to successful off-site support of CNC manufacturing operations, and many
of our techniques are still unknown to the manufacturing community.  What’s important to us is the ability to communicate well, to learn
efficiently, and to use creative outside the box thinking to tackle complex situations.  In one word, we are looking for initiative.  It is our
belief that initiative cannot be taught.  One either has it, or one does not.

You will have excellent understanding of 5-axis machining, know how to verify programs to ensure perfect results, and know how to use
Microsoft office applications to create detailed documentation.  You will have expertise at blueprint interpretation as well as creation.  If
you are an 8/10 using Catia V5, we will expect to see quick results, and to see improvements.  At the end of a 6 month period, under our
training, you will be a 10/10.
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