Why Outsourcing CNC Programming is a Cost-effective
by Bryan Felsher, Owner-True Precision

Often times, outsourcing CNC programming is the best option for many small,
medium, and large companies. Offloading CNC programming can benefit a
company in numerous ways.  Among them: shrinking the engineering
backlog, the ability to take on extra projects, and most importantly tremendous
financial advantage.
“CATIA V5 software gives us the ability to support our customers using their
existing techniques and even improving upon them. We keep machine proven
Catprocesses on file for each customer which are then used as seed
processes to ensure we use their preferred methodology. In addition
complete tool paths are stored which can be recalled again and again using
techniques which have proven themselves. Tool catalogues are kept on file for
each customer, ensuring we use exactly what they have easily and readily
available. It’s as if we’ve worked right in their shops for years,” says Bryan
Felsher, owner of True Precision, a CNC contract programming services
bureau. “Using cell-phones linked to the internet, we are notified instantly of
any e-mail and are available around the clock. Customers feel as if we are
right there working along side them, and can even watch their jobs run right on
their own computer screens.”
A busy manufacturer often has more programming work than they can handle
with their given staff of programmers. Companies are constantly looking for
ways to take on more work, support new machines, or reprogram old jobs to
run faster. A CNC programming bureau such as True Precision has the
advantage of having worked with many customers cutting every imaginable
material on every type of machine, and with this global knowledge can provide
a customer with programs using techniques that give them a great edge.
CATIA V5 software is expensive. It is often more cost effective to outsource
complex programming then to spend the money on software purchases,
licenses, and training. The trial and error process can cost a company
thousands of dollars in scrap parts, and damaged machinery.  Using the
powerful CATIA V5 software, True Precision can provide a program
guaranteed to be error free.  Countless dollars are saved by avoiding these
costs, not to mention employee wages, workman’s compensation insurance,
and benefits packages.
“Many times customers have been surprised by the low-cost solution of
outsourcing CNC programming.  By using CATIA V5 automatic feature
recognition, powerful automatic roughing routines, process catalogues, and
knowledge ware, we are able to program parts in far fewer hours than our
customers expect.  Imagine actually making a profit from quoted N.R.E.,”
continues Felsher. “Using powerful tool paths included with our advanced
machining licenses, we’ve given customers the ability to take on work they had
previously thought too complex.  We recognize the need for our customers to
stay competitive and customize each program to work with the resources

True Precision is a CNC programming services bureau specializing in
complex multi-axis programming. They support any machine configuration
and can be reached through their Website at
Why Outsource?

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